I loved our Shark Tank application video... It was powerful.
— Kevin Tibbs, Better Life


"Are stories worth traveling for?" I wondered as I clambered out of my rental car an hour south of Canada. I had come to interview Nate in his hometown of Bellingham, Washington. Nate shows surprising confidence for a young minister. But as he explains, his career didn't begin that way. It's this down-to-earth quality that makes his story believable and ultimately compelling—and totally worth traveling for.

I will definitely work with Nathan again, and I recommend him if you’re looking for thoughtful, professional, no-drama videography.
— Dan Reus, Openly Disruptive


This fond farewell to the Covenant Seminary's Class of 2014 gives a genuine glimpse of the essence of the school's brand in a poetic combination of elements from Commencement. I wax eloquent about this piece in a blog post.

B-Roll 2012

Here's a sampling of my style from several different shoots.

The music was written and performed by my talented brother, Ben Lucy.


Producer Chris "Klevah!" Shaw explains strategies for making beats and making it big in hip hop. This interview exemplifies the genius of its parent project, Living Like Kings, a new exhibit at the St. Louis-based World Chess Hall of Fame. The exhibit—a dynamic video installation by St. Louis's "story boss" Benjamin Kaplan—explores the unlikely collision of hip hop and chess.

I shot this interview at the new KDHX Cafe. Love the bright, diffuse lighting and bold red backdrop. This is the first of several community interviews I'm directing to promote Living Like Kings.


This seasonal donor appeal video for Covenant Seminary connects the school's work and the meaning of Easter. 10 unscripted interviews build to the "ask".

Nathan is terrific — his meticulous attention to detail, humor, creative eye, and big picture thinking bring so much to the table. He not only goes above and beyond for projects he works on, but he is also reliable and a good communicator — something rare to the field.
— Shikha Mittal


Here's a timelapse experiment I shot in Colorado.

Thoroughly professional, creatively gifted, and technically skilled, Nathan took my fuzzy vision for this project, helped me hone my thoughts and goals, and produced an outstanding final product.
— Eric Lipscomb, RUF at Columbia University