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Cognition Levels Diagram

Adapted from Don Norman's The Design of Everyday Objects, here is my first draft of his three levels of cognition:

  • The reflective level where conscious thought and decision-making takes place
  • The subconcious behaviorial behavioral level where we process expectations
  • The deeply subconcious visceral level related to simple muscular movement and body tension

My diagram includes two concepts that map onto the cognition levels:

  1. The stages of action (ALL CAPS)
  2. The emotional states that correspond to different actions and levels.

Disclaimer: This blog post is about the diagram, not about psychology. Don Norman's book is a great place to begin if you want to gain a better understanding of cognition than I'm offering here.

I believe in iteration, and this is my first draft. Feedback is welcome and appreciated, especially along these lines: How could it be more clear? Or make your own version and share it with me @_nathanlucy or I've attached my OmniGraffle file below.

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